Outcome Report: Measuring Yellowbrick’s Progress with Young Adult Mental Health

  • Posted at May 23, 2014
  • Written by yellowbrick

Yellowbrick recently published its Outcome Report for the last seven years of intensive treatment of emerging adults. A look at how emerging adults make therapeutic progress by taking part in mental health services at Yellowbrick, the Outcome Report provides rich quantitative and qualitative data. Charts and graphs describe the array of psychiatric issues treated, while narratives of Yellowbrick participants paint a picture of how emotionally powerful the program can be. 

Yellowbrick has been assisting emerging adults recover from addiction, trauma, depression, eating disorders, and other mental health concerns for several years. The team of senior psychiatrists and doctors understand how important it is to measure therapeutic outcomes. They complete an annual internal review of program goals, and each year, the results showed strong improvements. Yellowbrick leaders decided it was time to make their data available to the public. The records compiled within the Outcome Report depict rich therapeutic experiences and truly represent the unique social and emotional issues people face when transitioning into adulthood. Analyzing the data from over five years of service, the Outcome Report confirms the effectiveness of Yellowbrick services.

People who are seeking mental health services will benefit from learning about how successful the outcomes are at Yellowbrick. The Outcome Report addresses what families and mental health consumers want to know when researching mental health options. By reading the report, parents get a look at program effectiveness and may feel confident that their son or daughter will finally have the opportunity to improve. The Outcome Report also shares details about treatment-specific services offered at Yellowbrick, like their focus on brain health and their use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. The treatment-specific services, like neuroscience interventions and psychiatric treatment, applied at Yellowbrick show significant improvements for people who were assessed to be strongly impaired at the start of services.

Emerging adults advance socially and emotionally as a result of their experience at Yellowbrick. The Outcome Report identifies that 85% of program participants who complete initial treatment improve across the board in essential areas of functioning and well-being. After getting through the first month of treatment, people progress at a higher rate than during the initial stage. Laura Viner, PhD, Director of Emerging Adult Assessment Center & Director of Research and Training at Yellowbrick explains how therapeutic progress excels. She states, “It is my clinical impression that it takes about a month to settle in and feel secure enough within the treatment process to bring forward full vulnerabilities and correlate them to their deepest psychological problems.” Emerging adults have the opportunity to continually process their core struggles, like feelings of inadequacy or insufficiency, throughout the duration of service at Yellowbrick. The narratives in the Outcome Report highlight how nearly every area of functioning improves after taking part in Yellowbrick services. From building meaningful relationships to developing self-regulatory routines, people can take on the responsibilities of adulthood while partnering with Yellowbrick.

Learn more about the success of programs at Yellowbrick, download the Outcome Report.

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