Executive Functioning and the Emerging Adult: The Dissonance Between Intelligence and Competence

Emerging adulthood is a time of cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral transformation. The brain is more neuroplastic than any other…

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Response Control in Neuropsychiatric Patients: Advantage of Combined Auditory and Visual Processing

Many psychiatric patients have difficulties in executive function, often marked by impaired ability to inhibit immediate reactions and effectively control…

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Relationship Between Thalamic Asymmetry and Right-Hemisphere Theta Abnormalities

The right hemisphere of the brain plays a significant role in the experience and expression of emotions and is often…

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Evaluation of Attention Process in Neuropsychiatric Patients: Auditory Domain

Attention is often markedly impaired in patients across various psychiatric disorders. Methods to evaluate attentional impairment involve behavioral measures such…

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Yellowbrick Residence

Yellowbrick is a private healthcare organization whose mission is to improve the lives of emotionally troubled young adults.  The Yellowbrick…

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Yellowbrick Eating Disorders Service

Yellowbrick’s mission is to provide exceptional and valuable mental health services—general and specialty—to late adolescents, young adults and their families.  …

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What’s Emerging About Emerging Adults?

Emerging adulthood is a developmental period of both great risk and potential. Developmental psychologist and researcher Jeffrey Arnett was the…

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Six Degrees Of Separation A Guideline For Parents

Emerging adulthood is a period of transition toward increasing autonomy while struggling to define new ways of remaining connected. The…

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Real-Time Treatment: Integrating Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis in the Intensive Treatment of Emerging Adults

April’s debut night in the Yellowbrick Residence was memorable for all involved; she had sexual encounters with two of the…

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Psychiatric Disorders In Emerging Adulthood

Emerging adults are particularly at-risk for psychiatric disorder. In a given year, over 40% of U.S. 18 to 29 year-olds…

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Milieu Concepts For Short Term Hospital Treatment Of Borderline Patients

Psychiatric Quarterly, 57(2) Summer 1985 © Human Sciences Press In contrast to the extensive literature on the outpatient treatment of…

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High-strung and strung-out: Clinically relevant questions regarding adult ADHD and comorbid bipolar and substance abuse disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is characterized by a pattern of hyperactivity, forgetfulness, distractibility, impulsiveness and/or inattention, depending on the…

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An Understanding and Approach to Regression in the Borderline Patient

This paper will attempt to synthesize clinical observations and the contributions of investigators in psychoanalysis and developmental psychology to work…

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“Minding The Brain”: A Developmental Neurobiological Model for Substance Abuse Treatment in Emerging Adults

Minding-the-Brain: A Developmental Neurobiological Model for Substance Abuse Treatment in Emerging Adults Prior to the turn of the 21st century,…

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Understanding This New Stage Of Life–Emerging Adulthood: A Guideline For Parents

The transition to adulthood is a period of the life course when young people are faced with the challenge of…

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The Need for Complex Ideas in Anorexia Nervosa: Why Biology, Environment, and Psyche All Matter, Why Therapists Make Mistakes, and Why Clinical Benchmarks Are Needed for Managing Weight Correction

Abstract Anorexia nervosa remains an enigma and its clinical challenge is intimidating. But the potential for new insights has been…

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What Parents and Emerging Adults Should Know

College life can be a health hazardous.  The information below is critical for emerging adults’ well being. Suicide Estimated at…

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The Right Brain Implicit Self Lies at the Core of Psychoanalysis

To be published in Psychoanalytic Dialogues. For the last two decades my work has focused on the origin, psychopathogenesis, and…

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Right Brain Affect Regulation: An Essential Mechanism Of Development, Trauma, Dissociation, And Psychotherapy

To be published as a chapter in The Healing Power Of Emotion: Integrating Relationships, Body And Mind A Dialogue Among…

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Relational Trauma and the Developing Right Brain: An Interface of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology and Neuroscience

Relational Trauma And The Developing Right Brain: An Interface Of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology And Neuroscience Abbreviated Running Title: Schore: Self…

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Paradigm Shift: The Right Brain and the Relational Unconscious

At the Division 39 Spring 2008 Meeting, Dr. Schore received The Division of Psychoanalysis Scientific Award, “In Recognition of Outstanding…

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Modern Attachment Theory: The Central Role of Affect Regulation in Development and Treatment

Abstract Over the past decade attachment theory has undergone an intense expansion of both its original scientific foundations as well as…

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NLD and Asperger’s Disorder

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, Chapter 11, pages 205-218 Controversy exists as to the relationship between NLD and Asperger’s disorder. Some believe…

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A Developmental Psycho-neurobiological Approach to Assessment of Emerging Adults

Emerging adults with psychiatric problems, and their families, have many unanswered questions and missing pieces in their understanding of what…

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The Mental Health Impact of a Gap Year – Paper

Taking a gap year — a year off between high school and college — isn’t a new concept, but it’s…

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Yellowbrick collaborates with adolescents and emerging adults, ages 16-30's, their families and participating professionals toward the development and implementation of a strategic “Life Plan.” An integrative, multi-specialty consultation clarifies strengths, limitations, and risks, and defines motivations, goals and choices.

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    Real-Time Treatment for Emerging Adults and their Families

    Bipolar Disorder

    A mental health condition that’s characterized by intense shifts in mood including both manic and depressive episodes.

    Major Depressive Disorder

    People living with Major Depressive Disorder, or MDD, experience episodes of depression and sadness that are debilitating to daily life.

    Anxiety Disorders

    Those living with anxiety disorders experience high levels of anxiety and stress that interfere negatively with daily life.

    Neuroatypical “Spectrum” Individuals and their Families

    These individuals often experience an extended period of anxiety and disruption as the young person ages out of the structured support settings available through the educational and social services systems.

    Thought Disorder

    A mental health issue in which a person’s cognitive function is impaired, resulting in symptoms like experiencing challenges with conducting speech, reading and writing, and behavior.

    Personality Disorders

    Mental health disorders that negatively affect a person’s behaviors, thought patterns, and function. People diagnosed with these disorders experience challenges with managing relationships and understanding various situations.


    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition that people can develop as a result of experiencing traumatic situations, characterized by symptoms including flashbacks, avoidance behaviors, and more.


    A mental health condition that is characterized by specific symptoms of forgetfulness and lack of concentration, which makes it challenging to complete necessary tasks.

    Eating Disorders

    Mental health conditions that interfere with a person’s eating habits, thought patterns, and behaviors in negative ways.


    A mental health disorder diagnosable with the DSM-5 that is characterized by both obsessions and compulsive behaviors.

    Adopted Individuals and Families

    We are committed to the developing specialized services for adopted emerging adults and their families.