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Thank you Bryn,
We really enjoyed our time visiting our daughter at Yellowbrick. It is hard to overestimate what that meant to all of us and our happiness. She still has a long way to go, don’t get me wrong. But we thought she seemed better and happier than we have seen her in years. As you know, she came to you straight from a psychiatric ward, and has had a tumultuous 2023. Just to give you an idea what we saw and experienced: She actually slept at night with us at the hotel. It seemed to give her a big lift to get her hair cut and the dye remedied. And to get some new warm athletic clothing at an outdoor shopping center we enjoyed going to. She took me to the Y and proudly gave me a tour and set up her first free training session. We had dinner and lunch with a friend peer from Yellowbrick.. That friendship has been a huge benefit to her. She is “connecting the dots”. She likes the staff very much. All of you there have been very good with her and we appreciate it very much. I am fully aware she needs to separate and individuate, so I am all for that. Thank you all for what you do. It is awfully hard, I know. I look forward to our continued conversations.

Warm Regards
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Yellowbrick saved our son’s life. It is that simple and that complex. Our son (now 21) spent 7 months in the Yellowbrick program and he too agrees that it saved his life. I have worked in the field of children’s behavioral health my entire career and can say without a doubt the professional staff at YB is the most expert, clinically sophisticated, caring, and committed group I have ever experienced. They work nearly 24 hours a day, always on call, talking with the kids and the parents and managing endless crises.

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Dear Dr. Jessup and Dr. Viner,

Hello! We want to share with you our immense gratitude for helping our son and our family during an incredibly tough time.

Since he returned home in 2021, he did exactly what he set out to do. He took some classes, got a part-time job, found a place to live, joined a yoga studio, and re-enrolled in college for the fall of 2022. He completed his senior year in the spring of 2023, graduated with a 3.9, and is now living and working in a high level position out of State. Relationships within the family are warm and connected including with Mom which had been so contentious and in focus in the work at Yellowbrick.

We believe our son’s time at Yellowbrick had a profound impact on him—and us—and we feel incredibly fortunate to have the relationship we do with our son. We can’t thank you enough for your role in that.

Wishing you and the staff at Yellowbrick a very happy new year.

With much gratitude,

Grateful Parents of Alumnus

Grateful Parents of Alumnus
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“I think of you and the team there often. You do really good work and you are incredibly brave and compassionate. I don’t know what the future will bring, but the last year and a half has been a gift that I know wouldn’t have happened without the time at Yellowbrick.”

Mom of 2020 Alumni
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To prospective Yellowbrick Parents:

This is probably the most important letter of recommendation that I’ve ever written. I am wholeheartedly writing to recommend Yellowbrick for its treatment program for emerging adults. My brilliant, talented, and sensitive son was restored here at Yellowbrick. I couldn’t be more grateful. I remember sitting in the family meetings early on, wondering if this would really work; If it would be worth all of the effort, time, and money. I would cling to things that parents who had been there longer would say. I want to reassure you that yes — this works. It isn’t easy. … My son is now enrolled full-time in an engineering program, successfully working toward his degree and his bright future. He is living on his own, in a happy and healthy committed relationship. And his and my relationship is a strong and happy one.

I am grateful for Yellowbrick’s program, for saving my son, and for giving us the present and the future that I had always dreamed of.

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Dr. Viner
I am so grateful that you have been in our lives.
I am grateful for what you have manifested in the world of psychological treatment. As a member of a concerned public, I am grateful for the hope, integrity and excellence you bring to the world of mental health for young adults. But most of all, as a Mother I am grateful beyond what words can express for what you made available for our emerging adult child. I will always remember your unwavering generosity and kindness.
Alumni Parent

Alumni Parent
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Dear Dr. Baron,

I want to thank YOU and ALL the staff at Yellowbrick who have been so helpful and so patient with our emerging adult. It is clearly evident there is really significant progress and certainly, things were rapidly moving in the other direction when treatment started about a year ago. We remain hopeful that every low point could possibly represent a turning point (while trying to steel ourselves for the next low point).

As you note, we did not always agree about everything, but in such a stressful and crisis-ridden case, that is to be expected. I admire your dedication to your very difficult and needy patients.

Best wishes

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Thank you, Yellowbrick team. After a very long journey over a number of years, we may have our daughter back. She just finished her first week at vocational training school and is thrilled to be there. She has separated from a romantic relationship which had us worried for years. Her peers are now supportive, working, and sober. She has a part-time job and mostly supporting herself. She is sober and stable and accepting of her challenges.

She needed you when she came home demoralized and Yellowbrick was there and able to offer her the kind of support she wanted….the ability to rely on you when she needed and wanted it and the freedom to be independent. Thanks for making the connection to a new set of medical support near her school.

Thank you again. Fingers crossed.

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5 stars = as good as it gets!!! Yellowbrick is a unique treatment program. Unlike other programs that separate themselves according to diagnosis or special condition, Yellowbrick does not. Yellowbrick views each young adult as a unique individual who can be a valuable member of the Yellowbrick community. Yellowbrick recognizes and respects the particular struggles that are inherent to this critical time in a young person’s development…

The clinical approach at YB is by far the most comprehensive treatment available. As a clinician myself and a parent of a YB alumni I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the care and kindness and integrity that our family was shown. The program philosophy is backed by evidence-based research and years of experience. One size does not fit all and YB recognizes that the path to recovery and self-efficacy is through authentic relationships within a community-based program. The demands are high because YB takes each life seriously. The work is difficult and requires courage and trust, however, the results can be life-altering and in our case, life-saving.

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I’m happy to share with you that our son is doing SO well. His precious life has totally transformed this year since his treatment at Yellowbrick. He moved to be closer to family and our relationships have healed in so many meaningful ways. We are all working in family therapy while our son continues in individual counseling as well. We are so much closer as a family now. He has been working for a year now… has a fabulous job working for a solid company and was recently promoted. Management really respects him and his work ethic.  We are all thrilled for him! He has faced his social awkwardness and is working through this. He has an amazing sense of humor that surprises us all. He is so funny…. who knew?!

I could go on… but this is enough!  Wanted to share with you. All of you there embraced him and initiated the healing process for him and our entire family.

Warm regards

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Yellowbrick entered into my son’s life after six years of struggling with depression, anxiety, and finally a correct diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Multiple psychiatrists and multiple psychotherapists couldn’t seem to make a dent in his mental health until he got to Yellowbrick. Their level of professionalism and expertise was unrivaled by anyone else he had worked with. Within two weeks of arriving there, and living in the beautiful brownstone, Yellowbrick got him on the right medication, and as he said, “I feel like myself again.” He last felt this way six years before during his freshman year in college. I highly recommend Yellowbrick and the entire staff there.


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    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition that people can develop as a result of experiencing traumatic situations, characterized by symptoms including flashbacks, avoidance behaviors, and more.


    A mental health condition that is characterized by specific symptoms of forgetfulness and lack of concentration, which makes it challenging to complete necessary tasks.

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    A mental health disorder diagnosable with the DSM-5 that is characterized by both obsessions and compulsive behaviors.

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