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The Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Emerging Adults with Mental Illness

At Yellowbrick, we believe in comprehensive approaches to mental health. In this blog, we dive into the benefits that occupational…

Benefits of Improving Self Confidence and How to do So

Self-confidence issues are common in people who struggle with mental health disorders, including emerging adults. Struggles with self-esteem can lead…

College and Mental Health – Is College Too Much for me Right Now?

College students are not immune to mental health issues or other situations that may be keeping them from wanting to…

Mind the Gap Between High School and Independent Living

Gap years are continuing to be a growing phenomenon. According to the 2015 Gap Year Association National Alumni Survey report,…

Online as Effective as Classroom Learning

Tracey Reaves, M.A.Coordinator of Adolescent Education and Clinical ServicesYellowbrick Are you afraid that school closures from COVID-19 are going to…

Survey Reveals Factors Behind Millennial Burnout

Now that millennials are well into adulthood, the topic of “burnout” – a sense of chronic physical and mental exhaustion…

How Parents Can Help Young Adults Make Important Life Decisions

How do you become an adult? By making the important life decisions that determine how you’re going to live. “The…

College and career planning: Start off by identifying strengths and areas of interest

There is plenty to consider when declaring a college major or choosing a career path. Deciding between what seems like…

Parenting Your Emerging Adult for College and Career Success

Will your parenting style promote the college and career success of your emerging adult? How much parent involvement encourages the…

Is There an App for That? Autonomy and Dependency in College Students

Most college students use at least one online application throughout the course of a day. While many technological advances stimulate…

Advice for Your Emerging Adult Applying for Their First Job

After the ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ graduation anthem subsides, a summer of grand celebrations closes out, and years of  dedicated study…

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Yellowbrick collaborates with adolescents and emerging adults, ages 16-30's, their families and participating professionals toward the development and implementation of a strategic “Life Plan.” An integrative, multi-specialty consultation clarifies strengths, limitations, and risks, and defines motivations, goals and choices.

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    Real-Time Treatment for Emerging Adults and their Families

    Bipolar Disorder

    A mental health condition that’s characterized by intense shifts in mood including both manic and depressive episodes.

    Major Depressive Disorder

    People living with Major Depressive Disorder, or MDD, experience episodes of depression and sadness that are debilitating to daily life.

    Anxiety Disorders

    Those living with anxiety disorders experience high levels of anxiety and stress that interfere negatively with daily life.

    Neuroatypical “Spectrum” Individuals and their Families

    These individuals often experience an extended period of anxiety and disruption as the young person ages out of the structured support settings available through the educational and social services systems.

    Thought Disorder

    A mental health issue in which a person’s cognitive function is impaired, resulting in symptoms like experiencing challenges with conducting speech, reading and writing, and behavior.

    Personality Disorders

    Mental health disorders that negatively affect a person’s behaviors, thought patterns, and function. People diagnosed with these disorders experience challenges with managing relationships and understanding various situations.


    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition that people can develop as a result of experiencing traumatic situations, characterized by symptoms including flashbacks, avoidance behaviors, and more.


    A mental health condition that is characterized by specific symptoms of forgetfulness and lack of concentration, which makes it challenging to complete necessary tasks.

    Eating Disorders

    Mental health conditions that interfere with a person’s eating habits, thought patterns, and behaviors in negative ways.


    A mental health disorder diagnosable with the DSM-5 that is characterized by both obsessions and compulsive behaviors.

    Adopted Individuals and Families

    We are committed to the developing specialized services for adopted emerging adults and their families.